Bowlers in the game of Test cricket have used a variety of different approaches during the course of its history, which spans more than 100 years. The use of one’s left hand while throwing is far less prevalent than the use of one’s right hand for throwing. Despite this, there have been some left-handed bowlers who have achieved a great deal of success in their field. In the following paragraphs like cricket quiz game, the post will discuss the most successful left-arm bowlers who have taken wickets in test cricket.

  • Bishan Singh Bedi 

Bishan Singh Bedi was a pivotal member of the Indian spin bowling quartet and was widely regarded as one of the most essential players. He had more than 260 wickets to his name in test cricket, and he had more than 1500 wickets to his name in first-class cricket. It was well known that he bowled in a rough and tumble manner. As a result of the fact that so many of his forms made use of the same tactics, he had a reputation for being a very difficult opponent to defeat. In the format of the game known as test cricket, Bishan Singh Bedi amassed a total of 266 scalps.

  • Mitchell Starc

At the moment, Mitchell Starc is an essential cog in the machine that is the Australian bowling line. He is known for taking chances, particularly on days when he is feeling incredibly powerful, which has earned him a reputation for being reckless. He has been very hazardous with the new ball, and some top-order collapses may be directly attributed to his play. His success in bowling has been particularly impressive. It has the same lethal potential when he delivers a yorker at the tail that it does when he throws it at the head. Mitchell Starc has a career total of 287 wickets to his name after playing in test matches.

  • Derek Underwood

Englishman Derek Underwood swung a left-arm spinner. This reputation came from the fact that he always gave exact answers to questions, which people found annoying. He got strikes with a level of accuracy that was unmatched and a line and length that were about the same as a bowling machine. During the 1970s, he played the game regularly. People knew that he couldn’t be stopped when he played on a big field, but they didn’t know how dangerous he could be when he played inside a dome. During his career, Derek Underwood took 297 wickets in test matches.

  • Zaheer Khan

For a long time, the Indian team had a bad reputation because it didn’t have a lot of fast players. During part of his career, India’s success in tests was due in large part to Zaheer Khan’s ability to bowl quickly with his left arm. In general, his work life was successful. During his time playing tests, Zaheer Khan took 311 wickets.

  • Mitchell Johnson 

Mitchell Johnson is a pitcher from Australia. He throws with his left hand. Throughout his career, he was at best a mediocre bowler, but when he was at his best, he was feared all over the world. During the Ashes match in Australia in 2013–2014, he was in charge of the English batting order. This was a big deal. He beat them in every game and in every inning. Over the course of 313 tests, Mitchell Johnson ended up with 313 wickets.

  • Trent Boult

Trent Boult is a fast bowler who is from New Zealand. Even though things can change quickly in New Zealand, he has good control of the ball. People think he is one of the best bowlers to come out of New Zealand in the test format, and he does well in all formats. New Zealand was able to get to the finals of the 2019–21 World Test Championship, which they won, thanks in large part to his work. Trent Boult has taken 317 wickets in test matches as of the time this article was written.

  • Chaminda Vaas.

Sri Lankan fast bowler Chaminda Vaas goes by the name Chaminda Vaas. During most of his career, he and Muttiah Muralitharan seemed to be the only two Sri Lankan players who could bowl at all. Vaas was Sri Lanka’s first bowler, and he was in charge of the new ball. Chaminda Vaas took 355 test wickets over the course of his career.

  • Daniel Vettori

New Zealand spinner Daniel Vettori. During his career, the New Zealand team was always bad, so he had to take on most of the responsibility as the team’s best batter and bowler. In reality, he did an excellent job with it. A player in Test matches who has taken 362 wickets.

  • Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram was a fast bowler for Pakistan who threw with his left hand. He was, along with Waqar Younis, one of the best reverse-swing bowlers of the 1990s, which helped make the Pakistani team known as a scary opponent. Before Akram, no left-handed bowler had ever taken 400 wickets in test matches. Wasim Akram has the record for most wickets taken in tests, with 414.

  • Rangana Herath

Sri Lankan left-arm spinner Rangana Herath. In a lot of ways, he spent a big part of his career in the shadow of Muttiah Muralitharan. Herath, on the other hand, stepped up when Muralitharan gave up his position as Sri Lanka’s strike spinner, and he did a great job in that position. Herath was thought to be one of Sri Lanka’s most dangerous bowlers. One of his best games was the one in which he took 7-48 wickets and helped India get bowled out for 112 runs while defending a score of 176. Overall, Rangana Herath had 433 wickets in test matches by the end of his career.

These bowlers were feared by many teams as they can take wickets at any point in the game.

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