Slot machines are the only thing that comes in once mind if they hear the word casino. However, people usually seem to have forgotten that one of the most popular modes of casino games is the casino card games.

What are the most popular casino card games?

New card games are developing every day, so what’s famous today might not be famous tomorrow. But here is a list of casino card games that are in trend now.

  1. Blackjack: Did it ring any bell? The most popular one of all time. We bet any other card game could ever take its place.
  2. 3 Card Poker: Tri card poker or 3 card poker is the card game where the player plays a three-card poker hand against the three-card poker hand of the dealer. In order to start the game, a bet should be placed on the ante circle by you.
  3. 4 Card Poker: 4 Card Poker has performed almost in the same way as 3 Card Poker. But in this game, the dealer qualifies, always. The player gets five cards while the dealer gets six and then with five faces down and only one’s face up, both the player and the dealer make their four-card poker hand.
  4. Baccarat: Around the world, this card game is played for a few of the highest-stakes. When one starts playing this card game he or she needs to place a bet on the player, a tie or the banker.
  5. PaiGow Poker: The game is between the dealer and the player where each of them gets seven cards. Each set of seven cards is split into a two-card poker hand and a five-card poker hand. However, the five-card poker hand ought to be higher than the two-card poker hand.
  6. Casino War: Easiest of all the games.