No matter if you are a newbie or a pro to the game, it always comes in handy to learn some of the terminologies related to poker. So, let’s hop on.

Before the game starts

The best online casinos in South Africa have a specific poker room which is totally dedicated to playing poker only. This is referred to as Card Room and on the basis of your status, you could also win a bonus as you enter and make the first money deposit. To play with real money, a Buy In need to be made. This is the minimum cost for a game or for chips to play a game. If making the first bet in a round, this is referred to as Open. When you start the game, you hope you are not dealt with useless cards. These cards are called Rags.

At the table

When you join the game while it is ongoing, then it is called Sit In. There are also many Chat options available in the poker games. This may seem like a pop up windows where you can know more about other players. It is a fun thing, but ensure to not cause a Leak. It is deemed a weakness in your gaming skill that can win you less money. In the case of Clean Out, know that it is a card that makes you the best hand and if you cannot keep a poker face just stay by the table and steer clear from the side activities at all costs. Hardcore poker players develop a specific strategy or a pattern to pay. Fast Play is when you play aggressively and to raise and bet by the maximum. When you can only play the best hand and nothing less then you are deemed a Rock.

Checking out

Every poker player must be well versed with the term called Cash Out. When going with this option, know that you are choosing to finish the game and exchange your chips for cash. So, have something to cash out and ensure what is in your account when it comes to real as well as bonus money. If you don’t want money but want to give in, then it means to Fold. In other words, you don’t have to give in more money to the pot and you threw in the cards and not taking part in the game anymore. If you want to end the game and make other players fold, you can also try a Bluff. This is where you act to have better hand than the others. You can also call this Buy the Pot. Here you bluff and buy the pot without being called.