If you are somebody familiar with the game of slots and like to play every now and then, we are sure that you must have come across the term slot variance and are aware of its importance in choosing the game that you play. In the game of pg slot ฟรีเครดิต, being accustomed to this concept improves a person’s game a lot.

What is slot volatility?

The terms slot volatility and slot variance are the same thing and for any player who likes to play slots, it is important to be well aware of this term.

The risk factor that is involved in the game is known as slot volatility. It indicates how often a player can expect to win a game. Different levels of volatility point towards different things in a game.

High volatility slots

The slots that have a high variance are the ones that involve more risk. There are very high chances that if you play these, you will not make your money back, however if you do win at these, the amount that you win will be huge and a lot more than the amount that you bet. The high risk factor is a result of the fact that the payout is less frequent.

The reason why people choose to play these slots is that, if they win, the amounts are legendary. These Jackpot amounts can even be more than several lottery prizes. These slots are of the highest priority when it comes to the casinos because it creates the most stir.

Medium volatility slots

As the name suggests, the slots with a medium volatility are a balance between the high volatility and the low volatility ones. This means that the risk involved in a slot of medium variance will be in the middle range. This type of Slot is best for the people who cannot afford to play the high volatility slots but still want to win an amount that is more than what is paid in the low volatility ones.

Low volatility slots

The slots that have a low variance are the best for those who don’t have a great appetite for taking risks as the risk involved in this type of slot is very low. Low risk means that when you win, your reward will be on a lower side.