Bowling is a fun sport people of almost all ages enjoy. It is a great way to spend time with your family and friends. You could even consider it for a first date. Compared to other traditional ideas of dating like restaurant or a movie, bowling lets you interact better.

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Buying your own bowling ball?

  • Plastic coverstock bowling balls: They cost under $100 and ideal for beginners and straight bowlers.
  • Urethene coverstock bowling balls: These offer better friction than plastic ones and are work great for hook shots.
  • Reactive resin overstock bowling balls: They have the strongest hook potential and are quite expensive but make a good investment if you are serious about the sport.

Choose the right bowling ball size: The ball should be heavy enough to roll but shouldn’t exert strain in your body. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable to hold. Pick a ball that is approximately 10% of your body weight.

Apt fit of finger holes: Your fingers should slide in the ball holes just right. Neither should they be too small or too big. Custom-made balls are drilled to fit in perfectly.

Bowling guide:

Though you aren’t new to bowling, learning about the standard bowling techniques will help you improve your game. There’s a particular way to hold it and release it in order to hit the pins easily.

Holding the bowling ball:

When you are holding the ball, there must be pencil-thin space between the between the palm and ball. This ensures you aren’t holding it too tightly.

Nailing the perfect shot:

The following steps will help you throw the perfect shot. As in with any game, this requires practice to master.

  • Your dominant hand is the one holding the ball. Hold it straight and avoid bending your wrist.
  • The non dominant hand is used to supporting the ball and your weight. Place it over the ball.
  • Rotate the wrist of your dominant hand toward the opposite side of the body.
  • Move one foot forward, remove the non dominant hand and release the ball near your ankle.

Make sure you throw the first ball of every frame from the same starting point. Consistency boosts your odds of throwing strikes. Choose whichever bowling speed that works for you. The ideal speed is 16 miles per hour. A right combination of angles, speed and strength results in a perfect shot.