Casino enthusiasts always dream of grabbing a jackpot . But, it is hard to get the favour of luck. While some players win a big prize, others feel frustrated with the loss. The casino history in the U.K can show you mind-blowing prizes. Surely, the luckiest casino players have won those prizes. A brief detail of those prizes will motivate you to play casino game tournaments.

 Mega Moolah with a £13.2 Million Jackpot

You can lead a better lifestyle by winning the huge jackpot with a small bet. Jon Heywood, one of the lucky casino players, became a millionaire within a short time. ThisBritish soldier wagered only £0.25 and wona prize of £13.2 Million while playing Mega Moolah. But, hedid not disclose the secret and continued working with other soldiers. After several days, Jon revealed it to his relatives, and he used an amount for his ailing father.

Mega Moolah with a £7.9 Million Jackpot

The winner is anonymous in this casino tournament, and he has won a prize of £7.9 million. The user has chosen the username- D.P. However, Guinness Book recorded the event of his wins.

Mega Fortune with a prize £6.2 million

In 2016, a lucky gambler placed a £1.25 bet and won a £6.2 million jackpot while playing the Mega Fortune Slot game. The winner, at first, felt confused, when he came to know about his win. As the bright lights on the bonus wheel suddenly disappeared, he thought that it could be a bug.But, ultimately, he realized that he had won the jackpot.

Jackpot Giant with £4.5 Million Jackpot

An anonymous casino player from Scotland became the winner of the jackpot. The player accessed his casino account and started playing Jackpot Giant. After placing a few bets, the player had successfully won a prize of £4.5 million.

Hall of Gods with a £6.3 jackpot

One of the Scottish players win the jackpot of £6.3 million while playing the slot- Hall of Gods. He placed a bet of £4 spin on the online UK-based casino platform, and finally, he won the prize to become a multi-millionaire.

Gala Bingo-

Gala Bingo is one of the casino games from Playtech, and a casino player won the progressive jackpot in 2016. The player used his mobile while playing the game, and his prize has ensured his lifelong security.

Mega Fortune Dreams- £2.7 Million Jackpot

A 59-year woman, named Susan, won the unimaginable prize. In a single day, she won £2.7 million, this prize had become her retirement benefits. Like other casino players, Susan placed a number of bets before winning the prize. However, it did not take much time to become a millionaire.

These are some lucrative jackpots, which have drawn the attention of several players. You may also play the most profitable casino games on the online platform and win the big prize. Winning a jackpot may not be an easy thing. Still, you can continue playing the game to win jackpots.