There are different types of poker games available on the online platform, and domino qq is one of them. Now, understanding the game and its rules is a bit complicated, especially for new players. The game is amazingly popular in Indonesia, and most of the sources are available in their language. Therefore, the part of discernment becomes more complicated. Considering all these problems, here is a better understanding of playing dominoqq.

What is domino qq?

Domino qq is a form of poker that is played online. This game was invented in Indonesia, and the concept behind it is blending dominoes and poker under one platform. The game is played with special playing cards or dominoes. It consists of 28 dominoes to play the game. Similar to poker, the bets are placed inside a pot. The player with the highest score is the winner and hence, takes the pot in the form of a jackpot.

Domino qq is also known as (only) Qiu Qiu and is very similar to pai gow, which is a very popular domino gambling game in China. Playing this game is exciting and addicting.

The rules of domino qq

The game is played between 28 double-six dominoes. This is a special domino game available only in Indonesia. Unlike the United States, here, the cards are small in size. All of the players need to put a certain amount of bet into the pot. The amount of bet varies depending on casinos and the place from where you are betting. Once all the best are placed into the pot, each player deals with three dominoes. Once all the players look at their dominoes, they have the chance of:

  • Placing a bet if there is no previous better
  • Choosing to call if there is previous better
  • Choosing to raise if there is a previous better
  • Choosing to fold if there is previous better

In the first round, if only one player chooses to place a bet, then the pot is his or her, without even showing their hand. If there is more than one player, then the other remaining players will get the chance of getting dealt with a 4th card. The final round of betting takes place once the card has been dealt with. In most cases, both rounds have a betting limit, and the higher limit is usually set for the second round. All the players who didn’t choose to fold need to show their hands after the second and final round. The person with the best or highest hand takes away the pot.

Second probability

Cards are put into pairs, and the pips are combined together. Now, the second digit is taken. For instance, if the total pip is 23, it becomes three, and similarly, 17 becomes 7. The highest pair is 9 in the game of domino qq.

Always take a clear look at the rules of the games as it may differ depending on the state or the casino with which you have chosen to play. Recently, domino qq and Bandarqq are ruling the gambling world.