In the recent years, online poker games became very popular. There are a lot of variations and versions of poker games. You can choose a game type depending on your knowledge, experience, and interest. Before playing a poker games, you have to know few basic terms. They include:

  • Ante – minimum amount of money you have to gamble to start an action in the game.
  • Blinds – money you have to keep before dealing with cards.
  • Call – it indicates the player’s compliance to match raised money.
  • Check – if there is no new wager and no willingness to raise money, they can check.
  • Rise – player interest to increase the bet.

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The following are few popular poker games that help you choose your favorite type of game.

Texas Hold’em

It is the well-known poker game throughout the world. Anyone can learn and play it easily. In this game, the players have to deal with 2-hole cards or pockets, and then they have to wait until they reveal five community cards.

Usually, players will bet on 4 rounds, they are: once after dealing hole cards, once after 3 community cards revealed, once after turning of 4th community card, and the last bet takes place after revealing 5th community card.


It is the second most popular game; nearly 2 to 10 players can play at once. It will also have 4 rounds betting same as Hold ‘Em, but the only difference is each player deals with 4-hole cards and 5 community cards will be flipped immediately. The players have to make the best five cards 3 common and 2 from hole cards.

Chinese poker

If you want to play something different, then Chinese poker is the right choice because it is different compared to other poker games. 4 players will be there in this game and each one deals with 13 cards.

These cards must be arranged in 3 poker hands top hand, middle hand, and bottom hand. You can win 1 point for every hand against other player.

In addition to the above, there are other poker games such as 7 card stud, 2 to 7 draws, razz, and many others. Poker game is a very interesting way to spend your time, but before playing any poker game know regarding game related terms, techniques, and gain some knowledge.

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